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About My Debut Game - The Orb

2013-05-21 09:34:15 by arest2


I am excited to show my first published game! I made it quite a few years ago for a high school game design class. Overwhelmed by the many ideas to choose in conjunction with my limited technical and artistic ability at the time I chose a simple concept that utilized basic shapes and backgrounds with a classic arcade like feel to it.

And for the folks that have played the game under judgement in newgrounds I have added a new scoring system and still kept the old scoring system. The new one now allows you to submit and compare your score to other players' scores. So far nobody has used it yet so you could be the first! I kept the old scoring system also- just in case you want to compare your scores alone or other people playing with you.

I am grateful to finally share this game with the folks at newgrounds and looking forward to release more content (and of course criticism)!

The Orb game can be played here.